Monday, July 12, 2010


Okay, my bf just pointed out to me that I haven't been updating my lovely blog for 1.5 months... :)

I've been busy busy busy busy... Work + Personal stuffs + etc made me forgot that I still have a personal blog to attend to...

So, along this 1.5 months... My lovely friend, Poh Yih had just left Intel and we welcomed a new intern called Yin Ling (no photos of her yet)...

The lovely girl in pink is Poh Yih ^^
(lower left: SekNee, lower right: Poh Yih, upper left: Diana, Upper right: yours truly...)

Next, celebrate my dad's birthday... My parents loves the new place called Harvest Inn.. :)

Then, my youngest sister went to Perlis to pursue Diploma in Microelectronics Engineering...

Next is.... me, snapping photos of food I've encountered... ^^

One of my favourite food... Mee Goreng!!!!

Here's more...

Malaysian satay~


Assam prawns~

Happy drooling!!

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