Monday, May 10, 2010


Everyone, meet MooMoo...

This cute lil fella was given by PohDoo, SieLing and ShiuIn on my birthday last year... i find this lil fella darn cute... 

Most of the time, it will have its fat butt up and it's face facing down on my bed...

 Sometimes, when I don't dispositioned it beside my pillow, this chilli-red moomoo will greet me with its ravishing smile in the morning (Isn't it great to have something smile at you every morning?? Look at it's smile... Wide and nicely curled up~)...

My sisters thought this plushie is weird because of its colour... My bf will dump this poor MooMoo onto a corner of my room whenever he comes to Penang... *speechless*

I somehow liked it... What can I say?

I like weird stuffs!!
I am one of a kind~ 

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