Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The unlucky 2008

Okay, i think this title is wayyyy too outdated since it's 2009 now. But i still wanna tell u what happen...


2008 is the worst year of all times... and it finished off with a big bang for me... No kidding...
I lost my laptop on the 30th December 2008... Darn it... Very unlucky and careless of me...

How i lost it???

I placed my laptop on the backseat... And i was actually across the street having breakfast... I didn't realize that my laptop was stolen till i was in Gurun Resthouse... Darn it... My mum found out that the her side of the car door won't lock properly... So, my dad went to check it out... There was a in-bumb on the lock... We thought that someone knocked it accidentally at our residential area... My mum suspected something amiss and asked me, "Where's your laptop?"... Gasp!!! I was panicking... No wonder i felt something was missing... I searched the backseat and there's NO LAPTOP!!! Argh!!!

The 1st thing i thought of at the moment is my FYP... Nothing else... This is the 2nd time i nearlly lost it... The 1st was when my internal HD was crashed... I have to re-do my report from scratch!!! Dang... Luckily i made backup this time... Nothing was lost and i don't have to re-do everything...!!!

Sigh... So, after we found out that my laptop was lost, we continue our journey to my hostel to register myself and went straight back to Penang after that... Sigh... What's worse, i'm down with monthly excrutiating pain all the way... Painful and tired.... It really wasn't my day at all... The very next day i was down with flu... DANG!!!!!

I'm really reckless and stupid... Let me list what the stupid thief took...

  1. Laptop bag
  2. Laptop
  3. Laptop charger
  4. External HD
  5. My mobile charger
  6. Laptop drivers
  7. Printer drivers
  8. LAN cable
  9. USB cables

Sigh.... A complete set of them... Gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think the thief is going to steal something inside my dad's car anyway since the car has elctrical fan and printer inside... It's just so stupid of me for not bringing the laptop along with me during breakfast!!!! I actually bring the laptop with me everytime i went out to eat...!!!!!!! ARGHH!!!!!!

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fuzkittie said...

I hope your 2009 is much much better!! Good luck, happy new year!

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